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A-sca Select's

Nina Simone/ Love me or leave me
Georgie Fame/ Yeh Yeh
Louis Prima and Keely Smith/ Hey Boy!Hey Girl!
The Les Humphries Singers/ I'm from the south, I'm from ge-o-orgia
Summer Wine/ Why do fools fall in love?
Norah Jones/ Creepin' In
Hearts Of Stone/ It's a Lonesome Road
Billie Davis/ I want you to be my baby
Rocking Time/ 君を待つよ

James Blunt/ High
Kalapana/ Going going gone
Helen Humes/ You can depend on me
Aretha Franklin/ Moody's mood
Louis Prima/ Just a gigoloI ~ I ain't got nobady
Wilma Reading/ More today than yesterday
Odyssey/ Battend ships
Diana Ross & The Supremes/ Up the ladder to the roof
Marvin Gaye/ Stubborn kind of fellow

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Toyoshima Select's

●1回目_60's Beat Select
Mr&Mrs Regards / The Factotums
Always You / The Sundowners
Weather Man / Jhon Bromley
Keep On Loving Me / Guy Fletcher
Never an Everyday Thing / Springfield Park
Miss You Baby / Val & The V's
I Can Hear Music / The Beach Boys
Carpet Man / The Freshmen
Curly / The Move
When The Lovelight Starts Shining Thru His Eyes / Dusty Springfield
Tender Are The Ashes / The Honeybus
Girl Don't Make Me Wait / Timebox
Mighty Morris Ten / Episode Six
Sick and Tired / Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames
Billy Sunshine / Billie Davis

●2回目_70's~80's AOR and Sweet Music Select
Is Love Not Enough / Keane Brothers
Street Player / Voudouris & Kahne
Anything You Want / John Valenti
Rendez Vous / Erik Tagg
I Will / Turley Richards
Baby Now That I've Found You / Vickie Sue Robinson
Don't Take Your Time / Sammy Davis Jr.
If You Really Love Me / Stevie Wonder
You're The Sunshine Of My Life / Gimmicks
Bye Bye Brown Eyes / The Mogan James Duo
Pencil & Paper / Migil 5
Save Me /Stone Valley
Yester-Me Yester-You Yesterday / Stevie Wonder
Just The Way You are / Meta Roos & Nippe Sylwens Band
anyone / Sophia Loren


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